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By Barbara Tovey and Carol Allison

Gene Kelly, Soultype 9

Usher Raymond, Soultype 9

Gene Kelly, ST 9

Usher Raymond, ST 9


Gene Kelly, Soultype 9, is an iconic actor and dancer, starring in many movie musicals in the 1940s and 50s. Usher, Soultype 9, is a hugely successful R & B singer, also known as an outstanding dancer.  We have a very special video to share that features both of them.

New Equations describes the wisdom of Soultype 9 in this way:

With wide open arms, with gentleness and calmness, with compassion and without judgment, Soultype 9s hold and support all living things. Nothing and no one is partially held. The peacefulness in the face of ST 9s shows that they live as one with all there is. ST 9s flow with ease in all situations. Nothing and no one is ‘right’ and nothing and no one is ‘wrong.’ With their breath, ST 9s relax their body in order to move fluidly in their surroundings. ST 9s show you how to harmonize your breath and movement to free your body from the strain of life’s stresses, flow with changing circumstances, and create nourishing experiences for everyone. In this way you can travel along your soul’s path with ease, leave no one out, and move humanity forward with you.

The movement center for Soultype 9 is the upper back/between the shoulder blades; all movement is initiated from there, and is in harmony with the breath.

Usher recreated Gene Kelly’s most famous dance scene from Singing in the Rain at the Movies Rock awards show in December, 2007.  A clever person lined the two performances up side-by-side and posted the clip on YouTube.  So, we can watch these two amazing ST 9s in action at the same time, executing the same movements.

What is interesting about comparing them is that Usher is not simply imitating Gene Kelly. Because he is the same soultype, he is able to embody the way Gene Kelly moves naturally and with ease.  And because this scene was choreographed by Gene Kelly, it is built around movements that feel most naturally strong and joyful for a ST 9.

Notice the openness across their chests, the widening of their shoulder girdles, and the way their movements are led from their upper backs. Notice how easy it is for them to open their arms wide and how readily they move their arms back and behind their bodies.  ST 9s move with more fluidity than other soultypes because their movement is more in harmony with the breath than it is for the other soultypes.

Usher Tribute to Gene Kelly:  “Singin in the Rain” (from Movies Rock)

1:18 – 1:24 is a good place to see Usher and Kelly hold for several seconds the open arm position of their posture of strength;  they also show the facial expression of strength for Soultype 9.

As an experiment, stand up, put some music on, and then try to do all of your dance moves in harmony with every breath you take — so your breath and movements have a relationship. How does this affect your movements? Imagine if all your movement was in harmony with your breath, all of the time. While Usher and Kelly are both skilled dancers, their fluidity is a natural part of their innate Soultype 9 strength.

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