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The Voice, a talent show on ABC-TV, announced their winner last month. Javier Colon, Soultype 9, won the singing competition. The Movement Center for Soultype 9 is between the shoulder blades.  People who are Soultype 9s are born naturally knowing how to synchronize their movement with their breath so that they move in harmony and become one with the whole.

On the Results/Finale show, Javier sang a duet with a guest on the show, Stevie Nicks, Soultype 2; her movement center is the solar plexus.  People who are Soultype 2s have an innate internal vibration that makes it easy for them to receive, engage with and respond to others.

This clip shows Stevie engaging with Javier through the way she moves her hands, fingers, arms and body, as well as the way she connects with her eyes. It is an example of how Soultype 2s can support another person and bring out their strength.


New Equations Soultype Facial Expression of Strength New Equations Soultype Facial Expression of Strength
Javier Colon, Soultype 9 Stevie Nicks, Soultype 2

New Equations has also identified the soultypes of all the judges on the show, as follows:

New Equations Soultype Facial Expression of Strength New Equations Soultype Facial Expression of Strength
Adam Levine, Soultype 3 Cee Lo Green, Soultype 8
New Equations Soultype Facial Expression of Strength New Equations Soultype Facial Expression of Strength
Christina Aguilera, Soultype 6 Blake Shelton, Soultype 5

This article is part of the “Expression of the Soul” Series and is included in our Media Library.

  7 Responses to ““The Voice” – Javier Colon, Soultype 9 & Stevie Nicks, Soultype 2: “Expressions of the Soul” Series”

  1. That was just magnificent to watch and talk about soul to soul connection! That guy just did not know what had happened, nor did the judge . . . and yet everyone felt it. Just amazing! We don’t have the programme over here but I could watch that bit over and over again. Thanks.

  2. The way they interacted together and connected though the music was deeply moving. Pure joy to see and feel. People are so beautiful when their souls are expressing and it is wonderful to witness the impact on those who are present in the moment. And, that energy is still present to experience now, on-line, in this moment. Wow! Thank you!!

  3. Watching these two together is so moving it is hard to find words. The ease and connection between the two of them is palpable. Wow. Thanks so much for posting it for all of us to enjoy.

  4. Interesting how extraordinary the ordinary is. Defining connections by soultype energy allows me to understand them in a whole new way, which I wouldn’t be able to do unless I knew their soultype. Thank you for posting this.

  5. This brought tears to my eyes. The ease and naturalness of the connection was inspiring and beautiful. Thank you for sharing this soul-filled moment.

  6. Beautiful. I watched the video clip before reading the interpretation that New Equations provided so I could have a fresh and unbiased experience. As I watched I kept thinking…’wow, how extraordinary that Stevie Nicks is singing at such a sinuous pace and moving just like a soultype nine. Her hand and body movements physically match and pass the phrasing of the music the way my body would want to as a nine…and look at how she is creating this amazing connected dance between them.’ Then I read your interpretation :)
    Many thanks,

  7. Jen…..your comments about how Stevie Nicks interacts with Javier are SOOOO helpful to me. Thank you for sharing your interpretation. It really helps me to understand in a new way a piece of what happens when a ST2 connects with someone; your words provide a depth of meaning and examples of what happened in this connection that was missing for me when I read the NE description. When connecting with someone there are so many adjustments to make in every moment and at many levels so that the person you are with feels like you are right there with them in such a way that they feel seen and heard and honored!!! Thank you!!!

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