Soultype 7 Video


Soultype 7 – Movement Center is at the Center of the Forehead

We use the word Soultype because the people in each group express a different spiritual energy that comes from their soul. This spiritual energy serves humanity, the earth, and the universe. Each movement video shows people of the same Soultype bringing forth their spiritual energy – in this case, Soultype 7.

Watching these videos will help you to learn about the spiritual energy that each Soultype offers — what it looks like and feels like. A Soultype’s spiritual energy influences all body movement, including the way the eyes focus, the facial expressions, muscle tone, and the way a person moves their arms and legs.


Soultype 7 – Posture of Strength

In this video of the soultyping process, people are being soultyped by Alan Sheets and Barbara Tovey, cofounders of New Equations, as part of a larger workshop about New Equations and all the soultypes.  The soundtrack is Body Resonant Music in the Body Resonant Frequency of Soultype 7.