The Nine Soultypes

New Equations

Follow the links below for  information, photos and videos about each of the nine soultypes.

Soultype 1 ~~~ Soultype 2 ~~~Soultype 3 ~~~ Soultype 4

Soultype 5 ~~~ Soultype 6 ~~~Soultype  7 ~~~ Soultype 8 ~~~ Soultype 9

There are nine major energy centers in your body and each connects you more deeply to your spiritual nature. These centers lie quiet and dormant, waiting for the unique spiritual energy of each to be tapped into.

You are born with one of these energy centers naturally active in your body, and your soultype number identifies which of the nine energy centers in your body is active.  Your active energy center brings forth your spiritual nature and the distinct qualities and strengths of your soultype; it shapes your movement patterns and influences the ways in which you experience the world.

Each soultype can be clearly correlated to a defined posture of strength. A major aspect of the soultyping process involves a trained facilitator finding how you need to position yourself in order to find a comfortable way to be strong in a manner that transcends normal muscular strength.

Each soultype is unique and offers wisdom and strength to all the soultypes. When you know about your own soultype in the context of all nine – the whole –  you can truly bring your vital gifts to the world for the benefit of all because you are in touch with all nine soultypes.

New Equations offers workshops to guide you into awakening the nine energy centers in your body. Once you have that foundation, New Equations Certified Teachers can then facilitate the experience of discovering the unique strength, beauty and physicality that is your soultype. Please visit our Workshops and Events page for programs in your area, or contact one of our Certified Teachers directly.