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By Carol Allison and Barbara Tovey

New Equations Soultype Facial Expression of Strength Posture of Strength

Taylor Ware,  Soultype 2, was 11 years old when she was finalist on the show America’s Got Talent in 2006.  Taylor sings and yodels – she taught herself to yodel from a book and a tape when she was 7 years old!

New Equations describes the wisdom of Soultype 2 in this way:

SoulType 2s can engage with anyone, anywhere, for any reason, at any time, in a way that is energizing and life-enhancing for everyone. SoulType 2 energy makes it possible for you to feel the fun and joy of being with other human beings. Compelled to express their life force energy through movement, SoulType 2s show you how to express yourself through your own movement. Without movement, there is no life! SoulType 2s feel great interest in you, because you are a fellow human being. SoulType 2s bring a wellspring of enlivening energy to you, to energize you. Using the dynamic energy that comes through their own bodies, they ‘dance’ with you and draw you out so you can do the dance of life together.

Taylor’s bright, engaging eyes are a wonderful example of the gift of ST 2.  She holds continuous eye contact with whomever she is speaking, and uses her eyes to engage with the audience as she performs. She shows the ST 2 expression of strength throughout her performances. (The expression of strength for each soultype is the facial expression that is seen when a person is in their posture of strength. This expression indicates the person is accessing their soul’s wisdom).

Soultype 2s express the Source through movement.  Taylor is in almost constant movement, sprinting on and off the stage in the first clip, and towards the judges in the middle of the second clip. She walks as she sings, taps her toe, jumps for joy, and moves in a light and quick manner.  Her movement is towards the judges and the audience – towards people.

Her performances enliven the audience and the judges, creating a lot of fun and dynamic energy for everyone.  Look at how the judges and the audience respond to her.  Watch how easy it is for her to make and maintain eye contact. See how actively she uses her eyes. She engages effortlessly with everyone she meets.

First Performance on America’s Got Talent

An introduction piece, performance of “He Taught Me To Yodel”, and judges comments; length 3:06

Second Performance on America’s Got Talent

Performance of “Cowboy Sweetheart” and judges comments; length 2:28

As a contrast, see this article on Bianca Ryan, Soultype 8,  also an 11 year old singer in the same competition. You can begin to distinguish the two soultypes by feeling and comparing the energy these two young ladies generate.  Look at the way they each physically use their body, and look at the different ways the judges and audience members respond to them.  This is not just a difference in personality or style, but a fundamental difference in their physical, energetic and spiritual nature.

New Equations Soultype  Facial Expression of Strength Posture of Strength

New Equations Soultype Facial Expression of Strength Posture of Strength

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