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A New Translation of the Tao Te Ching
by Alan Sheets and Barbara Tovey

SoulType 4, Chapter 67

All people of Heaven below (the sacred body) call the Tao great because it does not resemble anything.
The masters are great because they do not resemble anything.
The Tao is barely visible.
It endures!
It is exquisite!

The master says, "I have three treasures. I hold and protect them."
One is called compassion.
Two is called moderation.
Three is known as not presuming to venture ahead of Heaven below.

Compassion gives you the power to be courageous.
Moderation gives you the power to be generous.
Not presuming to venture ahead of Heaven below gives you the power to succeed in expanding your vessel (body).

Nowadays people:
- forsake compassion to be daring.
- forsake moderation to be abundant.
- forsake, postpone, and soon die!

Through compassion the master can fight to overcome.
By holding firm to this, heaven takes them in hand and takes care of them.
Compassion protects them.












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