Apr 202011
New Equations Lucille Ball Soultype 7 Facial Expression of Strength

Lucille Ball, Soultype 7

A characteristic of each of the soultypes is a distinctive facial expression of strength.  When a person is connected to their soultype energy, their face will clearly show this expression.  There is a way that the energy of that soultype comes through the face that is readily identifiable and beyond the expression of persona or habit.

Alan, Barbara, and the teachers’ community are always looking for moments that have been captured in photographs showing people in their soultype expression of strength.  While there are many beautiful photographs to be found, it is much rarer to find one that truly shows a person connected to their soul and wearing their expression of strength.  We will be sharing some of these special photos with you as part of our “Expression of the Soul” Series and Media Library.

Today we are featuring the facial expression of Soultype 7.  When a ST 7 is connected to their strength, you will often see their forehead forward and prominent.  Energy comes from the forehead, and they are actually looking at the world through their third eye instead of their two physical eyes (or “little eyes”, as one ST 7 referred to them.)  Instead of moving their “little eyes” to look at something, they will frequently move their head, because they are actually moving their forehead to look with their third eye.  The two physical eyes follow the forehead.

Here is wonderful group of Soultype 7 actresses displaying the ST 7 facial expression of strength.  Bring your attention to your own third eye as you gaze at the photos.  Can you can sense the energy and vision that is coming through their foreheads?  Even though each woman is unique, can you see what their faces and energy have in common?

New Equations Renee Zellweger Soultype 7 Facial Expression of Strength

Renee Zellweger, Soultype 7
New Equations Jamie Lee Curtis Soultype 7 Facial Expression of Strength

Jamie Lee Curtis, Soultype 7

New Equations Sandra Bullock Soultype 7 Facial Expression of Strength

Sandra Bullock, Soultype 7

New Equations Debra Messing Soultype 7 Facial Expression of Strength

Debra Messing, Soultype 7

New Equations Jenna Elfman Soultype 7 Facial Expression of Strength

Jenna Elfman, Soultype 7

This article is part of the “Expression of the Soul” Series and is included in our Media Library.

  3 Responses to “Soultype 7 Faces: “Expressions of the Soul” Series”

  1. Wow! What beautiful pictures. Thanks so much. They each are beaming energy from their “third eye” – clearly showing their strength.
    love, Kay

  2. Wow, this is a gift these womans are so unique and connecting with them through my “third eye” I can feel how my third eye is beaming!

  3. It is incredibly helpful to all who are interested in New Equations to see a diverse group of people – albeit they are in the same profession – and to be able to see quite clearly that expression of strength in its many different forms. I can certainly feel the aliveness in their (and my own) third eye when I look at these pictures.

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