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Sebastián Piñera, Soultype 8

The recent mining accident and rescue in Chile brought the world’s attention to this country and its president, Miguel Juan Sebastián Piñera.  President Piñera is a Soultype 8.  His responses following the accident and throughout the successful rescue are a powerful demonstration of Soultype 8 wisdom in action.

When the mine collapsed, many assumed that the miners trapped inside had been killed. President Piñera insisted that the search go on; as he said in the video interview posted below: “I had an inner voice that told me, at all times, they are alive, we have a commitment with them.”  He also said: “You have to start working with all of your energy and all of your resources from the very first moment.  You cannot waste a second.”

Soultype 8s, when in their strength, will naturally take action to protect life – people, animals and the planet. They do this without thinking or evaluating; it comes from an inner knowing. This is an excellent example of somebody listening to and following their inner knowing. President Piñera had to do this for days before there was any concrete evidence that the miners were alive.

When the miners were found and contact was made with them, President Piñera told them he would be there on the surface to greet every single one of them personally when they were brought up, and he kept his commitment.  He was there for the full 22 hours in addition to escorting each miner’s family members to the rescue site, putting his arm around them, and waiting with them.  He greeted each miner, hugged him, spoke to him.  His energy and connection with these people was outstanding.  He exemplified Soultype 8 at its best: offering a solid presence, engaging with people, and providing 100% safety.

President Piñera proactively brought his soul strength forward and set an example for all people of what is possible. Everyone benefits when a person functions from the wisdom of their soul. It doesn’t mean that every action President Piñera makes in his political or private life happens in this same way. In fact, most people, most of the time, do not function from their soul’s strength. However, he shows us that anyone, at any moment – whether or not they know their own soultype – can step onto this path and bring their soul’s wisdom forward purely and proactively.  It is always available and anyone can be there in an instant.

New Equations teaches that accessing one’s spiritual nature happens through connection with the body, and New Equations practices make this state of being more conscious and consistently available.  Bringing one’s soul strength forward in this way creates the potential for real and positive transformation that is always in service of all.

Interview with Diane Sawyer

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More photos:

President Piñera holds up a message from the miners trapped more than 2500 feet underground. It reads in Spanish, “We are okay in the refuge, the 33  miners.” —–>

Written by Carol Allison and Barbara Tovey

This article is part of the “Expression of the Soul” Series and is included in our  Media Library.

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