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By Barbara Tovey and Carol Allison

New Equations Soultype Facial Expression of Strength

Sade (pronounced “Shah- DAY”), Soultype 9,  is a singer-songwriter who has had a successful career for over twenty years.  As you watch the following video clips, notice how she uses her arms, moving them out to the side and back behind her.  Notice the fluidity of all her body movement. She displays the Soultype 9 facial expression of strength most of the time in these clips – a serenity and peace that shows in the face when a person’s body is one with all there is.  And, notice the way her music, voice and movement feel in your own body.

The movement center for Soultype 9 is the center of the upper back, between the shoulder blades.  To be strong, ST 9s open their arms and move their shoulder blades down and back; all movement is initiated from the upper back.  They are capable of moving with a fluidity not seen in any other soultype.

New Equations describes the wisdom of Soultype 9 in this way:

With wide open arms, with gentleness and calmness, with compassion and without judgment, Soultype 9s hold and support all living things. Nothing and no one is partially held. The peacefulness in the face of Soultype 9s shows that they live as one with all there is. Soultype 9s flow with ease in all situations. Nothing and no one is ‘right’ and nothing and no one is ‘wrong.’ With their breath, SoulType 9s relax their body in order to move fluidly in their surroundings. Soultype 9s show you how to harmonize your breath and movement to free your body from the strain of life’s stresses, flow with changing circumstances, and create nourishing experiences for everyone. In this way you can travel along your soul’s path with ease, leave no one out, and move humanity forward with you.

Sade – Cherish the Day (Video)

This is the music video for this song; length 4:24

Besides her beautifully fluid movement, this music video features many close ups of her facial expression of strength.

Click the link below to view the video:

Kiss of Life – live performance

Live at SDSU 1994; length 5:13

In this live performance, she turns her back to the audience for an extended period, presenting her movement center to the audience (even though she doesn’t consciously know that.)  Also, she frequently holds her arms up in the ST 9 posture of strength – while her hand holding the mic doesn’t go as far back, she clearly likes putting her body into this position.

New Equations Soultype Facial Expression of Strength Posture of Strength

New Equations Soultype Facial Expression of Strength Posture of Strength










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