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By Barbara Tovey and Carol Allison

Paul Potts, ST 5

Paul Potts, Soultype 5, was the winner of Britain’s Got Talent in 2007.

New Equations describes the wisdom of Soultype 5 in this way:

The face of Soultype 5 looks calm because of their mental peace. ST 5s carry with them at all times a living map of reality—the ‘big picture.’ Their map, and peace of mind, is their gift to you. They are willing and ready to immediately change their personal beliefs whenever they find new information that makes their map more complete. They are compelled to seek out clarity in all situations, and are just as aware of what they do not know as they are of what they do know. ST 5s know that from the unknown more clarity will always emerge. They bring to you a Buddha-like wisdom that is free of emotional turmoil, confusion, and selfishness. ST 5 wisdom has a unique purity because it comes from personal experience, rather than hearsay.

Throughout the clips, Paul has the ST 5 expression of strength on his face most of the time – there is a sense of mental peace he brings to his performances and to his audience.

The movement center for ST 5 is the top of the head. An example of this is seen at the very beginning of the first video: as he is walking back and forth before going on stage, he tips his head forward and leads his movement from there when he is deep in thought. Through the practices and discoveries of New Equations, ST 5s are in the process of learning to change this habit of dropping their heads. They are learning about the more powerful connection which happens when they connect upwards to the heavens. This can be seen when Paul performs.

While Paul sings, his connection to the Source shows in how he reaches with his body upwards to the heavens: his head moves up and his neck and spine stretch upwards.  As you watch him, lengthen up through your own spine and neck, and reach upwards with the top of your head.  To feel this even more strongly, try standing like Paul, then going up onto your tiptoes, continuing to stretch up with your spine and head as you slowly bring your heels down. This elongates your body. Notice and feel the way in which Paul does this as he performs; it is why his performances are so powerful and moving. Paul physically accesses his soul and brings the energy through his body to the world. This happens when the body and soul are aligned.

NOTE: All the videos listed below have been removed from YouTube; we are attempting to find videos to replace them and will post them as soon as possible.

The video clips below include all of his performances on Britain’s Got Talent.

Nessum Dorma (Audition)

This is his first performance on the show, plus an introduction piece;  length 3:38

Time To Say Goodbye  (Semi-final)

His second performance on the show, plus an introduction piece; length 5:57

Nessum Dorma (Finals) v=9hIq_GGi1n4&NR=1

His third performance on the show, plus a reflection back on his journey so far; length 7:11

Nessum Dorma  (Results show)

Here he is announced as the winner, speaks with the hosts and judges briefly, then performs one more time; length 6:38. At 1:52 the winner is announced; at 3:57 his  performance begins.

Paul Potts, ST 5Paul Potts, ST 5

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