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New Equations Soultype Facial Expression of Strength Posture of Strength

Michael Stipe, Soultype 7

Michael Stipe, Soultype 7,is a songwriter and lead singer of the alternative rock band R.E.M. Michael and R.E.M. have been extremely successful and innovative over the past 28 years.

New Equations describes the wisdom of a Soultype 7 in this way:

Through the third eye Soultype 7s go to the point of origin, the ‘still point’, a place of inner and outer silence, that creates an expectancy for change, like just before lightning strikes and thunderclaps. At this point the infinitely large and the infinitely small are the same infinite. It is the place where all dimensions meet, the point of access to the creation of dreams, the emergence of visions, and the abundant river of ideas and possibilities that flow through the collective consciousness. Soultype 7s see what makes you unique and feel an intense passion to help you discover this for yourself. Like a gemstone before it is cut, Soultype 7s see the dazzling unique future potential in everyone. With fun and play they mirror you with their body, gently encouraging the death or release of what limits your soul from being free.

The movement center for Soultype 7 is the forehead/third eye. To be strong, ST 7s tilt their head slightly foreward, making their forehead most prominent which helps them to look out through their third eye. The forehead leads a ST 7’s movement.

Everybody Hurts – REM Live

Live from Stirling Castle, Scotland; length 6:27.    The audio/video is not synched up perfectly.

In this performance you are treated to examples of the ST 7 facial expression of strength. You can see in Michael’s face that he is accessing, with his third eye, the “still point” described above. The entire video is exceptional as it shows the facial expression of strength in many places.

Some of the many special moments: 0:44 – 0:47 seconds, 1:43 (just before he lifts his head), 2:33 – 2:35, 2:48, 2:56, 3:41-3:43, 3:57, 6:06 – 6:10.

If you pause the video at these select times, you will be able to take in more fully his facial expression of strength, the ST 7 energy, and the gift he brings you when he connects with his soul’s wisdom. Michael’s whole-body movement at the very end of the video (from 5:35 – end) is another very nice example of how the forehead movement aligns and coordinates with the movement of his body.

R.E.M. Bad Day  **HQ ** Video

This is the music video that was made for this song; length 4:02

This video also shows the way in which Michael moves with his third eye/forehead. Notice that his eyes and third eye function together as a unit.  The easiest segment to watch is between 00:12 – 01:34 as it has the most footage of Michael.

You may also want to compare Michael’s forehead movement with the head movement of the other news broadcaster in the video who is a ST 5. We recommend that you turn the sound off while watching so the music will not distract you from comparing the two people.

Michael Stipe Press Announcement

Length 00:56

ST 7s help people get out of the “boxes” they are in – in other words, they help people free themselves from ineffective ways of being. They often do this in unpredictable and surprising ways. In this clip, Michael shows one way in which he is trying to help people let go of old ideas of what is “normal”.

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