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New Equations Soultype Facial Expression of Strength
(Originally posted as a Page on July 1, 2009)

Michael Jackson, Soultype 4

The news of Michael Jackson’s passing prompted us to revisit his amazing performance of “Billie Jean” on Motown 25 in 1983 — the video responsible for transforming the music video industry. This video, and clips from it, have been used in many New Equations workshops to demonstrate the physical expression of Soultype 4.

New Equations describes the wisdom of Soultype 4 in this way:

SoulType 4s guide you to a deep and awesome place inside of yourself where there is peace, where everything matters, yet nothing matters, where everyone and everything is connected, where there is calm, exquisite tenderness, intense love, hope, surrender, passion, sensuality, and where time stands still. A deep sense of compassion for all people comes from your experience of going inside, including a knowing that all people are connected and you are not alone. The softness and receptivity in the face of a SoulType 4 draws you deeply into yourself. You learn from SoulType 4s that by going inside to this deep place your body, instead of your mind, will resolve your emotional turmoil and you will not repeat the same mistakes.

As a ST 4, Michael intuitively found a way to energize his performances by accessing and using his movement center (the lower abdomen).  For example, in “Billie Jean” you can see him move from his lower abdomen over and over again.  Soultype 4s close their eyes and go inside themselves to find their strength and bring it out to the world; Michael also does this many times, including at the very end as he is receiving the applause.

Because of the powerful way he physically connected to his strength and brought it forward, “Billie Jean” had a huge impact on viewers and the entertainment field.  We all have the potential to create transformation when we connect to others from our soul strength, and in this instance the music industry was transformed. An example of the impact:  Five years later, Entertainment Weekly named Jackson’s Motown 25 performance as one the most important pop culture moments in history. “It was a moment that crossed over in a way that no live musical performance ever had. There was a messianic quality to it,”  said EW editor Steve Daly.

New Equations teaches that when we physically align our body with our soul and connect with others, new energy comes through us to the world.  By knowing about the nine movement centers, we have resources to find this alignment at will and bring it to all our relationships and everything we do.  When someone, like Michael Jackson, finds that alignment at a particular moment but doesn’t know how they did it or how to recreate it, it is often difficult or impossible to access that same strength in other parts of their lives.

Those of us in the New Equations Training Program, along with Alan and Barbara, are actively working on developing more ways to make the discoveries about the nine movement centers available and accessible to everyone – whether they know their own soultype or not.   We want everyone to have the knowledge of how to bring the unique expression of their soul to humanity and to the planet — so the body can support them in living with no judgment, no force, and in service of all.

There is no limit to the way in which the gift of the soul can move humanity forward. This example happens to be a brilliant dance performance.  Enjoy.

Michael Jackson  – The Legendary Motown 25 Performance

(Additional link to same performance:  Michael Jackson -  Billie Jean If you have any problem linking to these or if they disappear, you can try typing “Michael Jackson Motown 25″ into the YouTube search box.  It is the performance of “Billie Jean” he did on that program in 1983.  The clip is about 5 minutes long, and begins with him standing sideways and putting his hat on.  There is also a caption at the beginning: Motown 25 Yesterday, Today and Forever.


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