May 102012

Enjoy this poignant video of Maurice Sendak, children’s book author who recently passed away at the age of 83.  Maurice is a Soultype 5.  The Movement Center for ST 5 is the top of the head; he becomes stronger when he connects up to the heavens from this part of his body.

For some fun with Maurice, watch these two clips of his interview with Stephen Colbert.  Stephen is a Soultype 7; his Movement Center is just above eyebrow level at the center of the forehead and you can see him putting his forehead forward and “punctuating” from there over and over again.

Maurice Sendak with Stephen Colbert Part 1

Maurice Sendak with Stephen Colbert Part 2


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  1. Thank you Paolo! There were more than I had realized; they are all so good!

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