Oct 132011

Marquese Scott, Soultype 7, has received over 7 million views (and counting) of his YouTube dance  video Pumped Up Kicks|Dubstep.  People are fascinated by the seemingly unbelievable way he is able to move his body. His popularity has grown since Ellen DeGeneres discovered his video and invited him to appear on her show recently.

As a Soultype 7, Marquese has the gift of bringing in energy from all dimensions through his third eye.  This gives ST 7s the potential to move their bodies with incredible creativity and freedom, and do things that might seem physically impossible.  ST 7s  like Marquese show us that much more is possible through the human body than we might have ever imagined.  They teach us to move with more freedom and creativity – physically and otherwise. While people of all soultypes are capable of amazing movement and dance, a special quality comes through Soultype 7s that leads us toward releasing our ideas of limitation.

The Movement Center for Soultype 7 is the middle of the forehead – also known as the third eye – and all movement is initiated from there.  It is often easy to see Marquese’s forehead leading his movement. Also, interspersed between the variety of ways he uses his body, he goes into the Soultype 7 Posture of Strength over and over again:  upper body inclined slightly forward, making the forehead most prominent.

Below is the original video that has become a YouTube sensation, as well as video of his appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

  2 Responses to “Marquese Scott, Soultype 7: “Expressions of the Soul” Series”

  1. There are some things that just leave me gob-smacked and this is one of them! How DOES he do that? It’s like he’s got individual and separate control of every element of his body. Fantastic. Thanks for sharing.

  2. It looks like mime dancing—
    Going to the beat of the music and appearing to defy gravity.
    What’s cool is his slow motion — he’s sure aware of ALL of his joints!!

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