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We have a great holiday movie recommendation for you.  Love Actually is a 2003 movie set during the Christmas season.  It is fun and uplifting, made even more appealing by the fact that New Equations has confirmed many of the actors’ soultypes.  Even if you have seen it before, it’s well worth watching again, and knowing the soultypes will add even more enjoyment.

Below is a list of the actors and their character name, with a brief description of when they first appear on screen.  Without giving away they plot, it can be helpful to identify them a little – there is a large cast and several stories going on at once. Anyone not on this list has not had their type confirmed.

Remember, listed below is the soultype the actor is in real life. One of the reasons that this movie worked so well is that the actors were able to play parts that were not inconsistent with their soultype. What does not often work well in movies is when an actor has to act a part that is more natural and in character with someone who is a soultype different than they are.


The director and writer of Love Actually is  Richard Curtis, Soultype 5.

The actors, approximately in order of appearance, the part they play, and the actor’s soul type:

Billy Nighy (Billy Mack, aging rock star recording a new song)  Soultype 7

Gregor Fisher (Joe, manager of Billy Mack)  Soultype 4

Colin Firth
(Jamie, first seen leaving his girlfriend home in bed sick) Soultype 5

Laura Linney
(Sarah, first seen at the wedding with Jamie) Soultype 6

Liam Neeson (Daniel, first seen on the phone with Emma Thompson) Soultype 5

Emma Thompson (Karen, wife of Harry, first seen on phone with Daniel)  Soultype 7

Kris Marshall (Colin, first appears as the muffin-seller at the office, later talks about going to the US)  Soultype 7

Heike Makatsch (Mia, Harry’s secretary, short dark hair)  Soultype 7

Joanna Page (Judy, the adult-film body-double)   Soultype 2

Chiwetel Ejiofor (Peter, the groom)  Soultype 2

Keira Knightley
(Juliet, the bride)  Soultype 9

Hugh Grant (David, the Prime Minister)  Soultype 7

Martine McCutcheon
(Natalie, long dark hair, employee of the PM)   Soultype 2

Thomas Sangster (Sam, 10-year old stepson of Daniel)  Soultype 7

Alan Rickman (Harry, husband of Karen and boss at the office) Soultype 5

Lucia Moniz (Aurelia, Porteguese woman working for Jamie) Soultype 5

Ilana Milicevic (Stacey, the first girl in the bar, dark hair, red-hooded jacket)  Soultype 7

January Jones (Jeannie, second girl in the bar, blonde, goes to the jukebox) Soultype 2

Elisha Cuthbert (Carol-Anne, the third Wisconsin girl to enter the bar)  Soultype 8

Olivia Olson (Joanna, the singer Sam has a crush on) Soultype 9

You can also watch these actors in other movies and interviews, and see what you can notice about them demonstrating their soultype movement and energy.


This article is part of the “Expression of the Soul” Series and is included in our Media Library.

  4 Responses to “Love Actually: “Expressions of the Soul” Series at the Movies”

  1. We watched Love Actually again on New Years this year. This year I was again struck by the richness of this movie. The sweetness of each the relationships created with the three st 2 characters, the creativity and fun created by the st 7 characters, the charming surprising way in which the st 5 characters create relationship out of the sweetness of everyday life. There are so many rich 5-7 interactions. Liam Neeson and Thomas Sangstrom, Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson. I also love seeing the 7/8/2 interaction of the three American girls in the bar, it is so familiar as my three daughters are soutypes 2-7-8.

    It is rare that I can watch a movie over and over again and still find more of interest. But this movie grows on me each year. I think I’ve seen it at least 5 times.

  2. I really like this. Would you consider a separate listing/archive of MOVIE and/or TV pages? It would be both enjoyable and educational.

    Would this comment page be a good place for people to post names of Movie or TV shows and the ST of a couple of actors, as listed on the Public Figure List? Or perhaps there are a few new series and movies which are of interest and which are getting recognition at this time? I sometimes am challenged by actors’ or musician’s names. Listing the Movie or TV titles along with the actor’s name and the Movie/TV role he or she plays, just in the way you did above, is so helpful!


    • Hi Phoebe – yes, that’s a good idea, we’ll make a page/archive for movies and TV. We’ve done several posts for those categories.

      I’m not sure what you mean about listing names of actors on this comment page. Maybe you could send me an email directly to help me better understand, and I can see what to do to respond to your idea. Thanks!

  3. We watch this movie every year. I always check this site to refresh my memory of the soultypes before it begins. It’s so rich in how it weaves so many threads together and really, it is love, actually. Thanks for this post.

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