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See a powerful video of Soultype 1 movement and creativity expressed by conductor / composer Leonard Bernstein, a Soultype 1, during rehearsals for “Maria” from the Broadway musical West Side Story. The Movement Center for ST 1 is the top of the throat.

It is easiest to see Bernstein’s Soultype 1 movement between 7:42 – 8:52, during the last few minutes of the video, after Bernstein removes his reading glasses so it is easier for him to look up. Notice he lifts his chin and softens his eyes, and notice the bliss he experiences while in this state. During this part of the video, the recording of “Maria” comes together in a final take.  It is worth watching the whole video so that you experience the full impact of how the energy, power and connection shifts when they get to this point.

Several other moments when you can see Bernstein show Soultype 1 movement and facial expressions are at 4:00 – 4:07, 4:39 – 4:41, 5:15 – 5:22 minutes. To make it easier to see these sections, first let the full piece download, pause the video, move the cursor to the section you want to see, and then play it.

Soultype 1s connect to Source with their movement center located at the throat, by lifting their chin, exposing their throat, and softening their eyes, so that they become receptive to spiritual energy from the Source. Doing this helps them to bring others into connection with Source, as well.

José Carreras, Soultype 4

Leonard Bernstein, Soultype 1















José Carreras is the tenor singing “Maria” and he and Bernstein are connected soul-to-soul while recording the final take. Carreras is a Soultype 4, whose movement center is at his lower abdomen. Spiritual wisdom of Soultype 4 includes knowing how to go deeply into oneself – to get inside one’s spiritual nature – in order to bring that to the world. They show humanity how to bring one’s whole being to the experience of one’s soul. It is the foundation from which art, such as music, is propelled / pulsed outward into the world.

To experience a second musical extravaganza led by Leonard Bernstein while he is connecting to Source, watch him conduct rehearsal for “Tonight”  from West Side Story:

The music in West Side Story was composed by Bernstein.

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