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Laura Linney, Soultype 6, beautifully describes the way in which ST6s use humor.

As a guest on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart”, at 2:26 minutes into the interview, she says, “There’s something about the voice of comedy that clarifies things. You know, it’s a laser-like sense of truth – if it’s true, if you touch truth – it will inevitably be so either refreshing or astounding that people will just start to laugh.”

The movement center for ST6 is at the center of the sternum, and Laura gestures from this place with her hands particularly when making this statement.

Comedian and host Jon Stewart calls her observation “the most eloquent description of the use of comedy as an expression of catharsis or feeling that I have ever heard.” Humor is one of the key ways in which a ST6 brings their insights to others. Watch this interview to see and hear a ST6 talk about their perspective on life.

Laura Linney on  “The Daily Show”

Notes of interest: Jon Stewart is a Soultype 5 and Gabourey Sidibe is a Soultype 8 (the actress playing Andrea shown in the clip of “The Big C” at the beginning of the interview. Gabourey also received an Academy Award for her lead role in the movie “Precious.”)

Written by Barbara Tovey and Carol Allison

This article is part of the “Expression of the Soul” series and is included in our Media Library.

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