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By Carol Allison and Barbara Tovey

New Equations Soultype Facial Expression of Strength

Dame Joan Sutherland, Soultype 1

Dame Joan Sutherland, Soultype 1, is an incredible, world-renowned opera singer.  She was most active in her career during the 1950s and 1960s, and continued performing until 1990.  She was known as “La Stupenda” – “The Stupendous One.”

New Equations describes the wisdom of Soultype 1 in this way:

SoulType 1s live with one foot in the physical world and one foot always in the spiritual world—in the ‘unknowable.’ When SoulType 1s raise their chins and expose their throats, they become connected more fully with the life-force energy that some people call the Source of Creation, and they can then connect you with the Source, as well. SoulType 1s teach humanity that vulnerability and receptivity make people stronger than force and aggression ever could. because it is only through vulnerability and receptivity that people can access the creative power of the Source. SoulType 1s show you that you are pure beauty, pure essence, pure Source energy, and that all people are equal and eternal.

The movement center for ST 1 is the top of the throat.  ST 1s lift their chins and expose their throats to be strong.  Their eyes are soft and receptive.  Rather than just letting their heads fall back, they are actually lengthening through their spines and moving their chin and throat forward.

In the following clips of Joan Sutherland, her throat is almost always exposed and her chin up, usually quite a lot.  Many times, you will see her lift her chin even more and move forward from her throat.  Her eyes are soft, often half-closed as a result of her chin being up and her head back.  She stretches towards the Source that she is always connected to through this movement of her chin and throat.

There is a gentleness, grace and beauty in her movement, voice and bearing that helps us all access the energy of the unknowable.  Keep your own chin lifted and eyes soft as you watch these videos.

The Great Joan Sutherland

Final aria from Bellini’s “Il Puriani” – first time performed on television; length 2:26.
Besides her movement and expression while singing, there are opportunities to see her walking and moving from her throat while not singing.
With NY Philharmonic   Vilja/Lehar

Live performance of an aria from “The Merry Widow” with the New York Philharmonic; length 4:36.

Over and over, she exposes her throat, softening her eyes whenever she does so.  She receives the applause from the audience with her throat exposed.

Sutherland Horne Pavarotti _ Norma Trio Part 2

(click on the link to view the video)

Live performance of the “Norma” trio with Luciano Pavarotti and Marilyn Horne; length 3:51.

She is the tallest of the group, on the right.  Notice how often she lifts her chin.  Pavarotti and Horne are both Soultype 8s.  Notice the similarity in their bodies and energy, and the contrast between them and Joan Sutherland.

New Equations Soultype Facial Expression of Strength


New Equations Soultype Facial Expression of Strength





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