Sep 212011

Today, September 21, is the 30th anniversary of the UN International Day of Peace.

Jeremy Gilley, Soultype 3, founded Peace One Day in 1999. The following video of him is worth watching all the way to the end to really get a sense of the energy that comes through a ST 3. (and also to take in his message.)

Video – Jeremy Gilley: One Day of Peace|TED Talk July 2011

As described in our recent post about Emmanuel Kelly, also a ST 3 : “A gift from the soul of a Soultype 3 is the ability to bring joy to others – to help the people they meet feel uplifted so they can shine and become all that they can be. It is a selfless, unconditional giving of joyful energy that flows through ST 3s from the source of creation to humanity.”

UN International Day of Peace
Peace One Day

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