Jul 262009

We are excited to introduce a new feature on New Equations News:  the “Expression of the Soul” Series.

Please visit the Media Library to enjoy articles, including video and photos, for each of the Soultypes.

We will post new articles on a regular basis, including videos and photos, about performers, athletes, artists and other public figures whose soultypes are known by New Equations.  This provides an opportunity to experience the energy of the different soultypes as they show up in the world.  We will be specifically highlighting moments when the strength, beauty and power of their soultype energy is demonstrated most clearly.

Because New Equations and the nine soultypes are physically based, it is possible for our trained facilitators to identify an individual’s soultype by seeing a particular part of the body (the Movement Center) initiating all of their movement, and in everything about their physicality.   When a person’s body is aligned with their soul, and we are in a place of being able to receive it, their soultype shows up as the facial expression of strength, and in the energetic impact they have on others and their environment.

New Equations training programs teach us what to look for and how to attain a state of being that allows us to look past the persona behavior and see this exquisite physical expression of humanity’s spiritual nature.

Please read the articles and view the photos and videos in the spirit of taking in these beautiful human beings at the level of their soul.

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  1. Wow! what a good clip, it is so fun to see they move their bodys the same way!

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