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By Barbara Tovey and Carol Allison

Evgeni Plushenko, ST 3

Evgeni Plushenko, Soultype 3, is a gold medal winning figure skater widely recognized as one of the best skaters in the world. Besides his enormous skill and talent, he consistently demonstrates his soul strength in his performances.

New Equations describes the wisdom of Soultype 3 in this way:

The face of a Soultype 3 shines with joy. When a Soultype 3 connects with you, they see past the superficial layers of your personality to the beauty of your soul. Soultype 3s are driven to find a way through the maze of your personality characteristics and resistances, to your soul, so they can help the fire of your soul burn brighter. They illuminate a path to your soul. When you connect with a Soultype 3 you feel how anything you desire is possible, and you become more aware of and able to use your full potential. Soultype 3s become so focused on you that they no longer feel aware of the past or future – they feel only the present moment with you. You become all that exists in the magical moment that they create with you.

The movement center for ST 3 is the upper sternum. In these videos, watch Evgeni initiate his movement from this area over and over. He lifts up his upper sternum to begin jumps as well as when he prepares for sustained footwork sequences. There are many, many arm and shoulder movements, which are very fast and powerful. These movements are initiated by his movement center at the upper sternum. The fast, powerful movements from this part of his body are so easy for him, and in fact create more and more energy as his arms and upper chest pump it out into the world.

ST 3s teach us about intense focus, and that focus is visible in their eyes.  They also have a special, magnificent smile that includes their entire face.  Watch for these expressions from Evgeni, especially in the close-up shots of him.  Focused, active and engaging eye contact is part of the ST 3 strength, and he creates a wonderful connection with the audience through the way he looks at them.

There is a way that Evgeni builds and sustains energy in his performances — see if you can feel the intensity escalate in your own body as you watch — and then when it seems it has already reached its peak — he keeps going, bringing in even more energy, more light, more inspiration. This is unique to ST 3s.  By accessing his soul strength and bringing it out to us, he shows us that there is more energy available to humanity then we may have ever thought possible.

Evgeni Plushenko – Montage of “Tango”  Performances

A montage of clips from many different performances of this routine to the same music; length 2:44

Just a few of the many powerful moments, showing the movement and lift from his upper sternum:

0:13 – 0:23         1:13 – 1:16         1:50 – 2:02        2:13 – 2:17

Sex Bomb –   Exhibition 2001

A fun performance to the song “Sex Bomb” by Tom Jones; length 4:15.  Please click on link in box to watch this video on YouTube.

Many moments of lifting up from his upper sternum and gesturing from there, exuberance and connection with the audience.  He starts his performance this way, at 0:06 – 0:11. At  1:15 he shows the ST 3 posture of strength.  The whole performance is a great demonstration of ST 3 energy and physicality.

2006 Torino Olympics Exhibition Performance – Tosca (with Edvin Marton plus encore

Exhibition performance with violinist Edvin Marton, ST 7, playing live on the ice with him; length 9:49.

A strong, beautiful performance.  Notice the many, many movements and gestures from and at the level of his upper sternum.  This is what gives him so much power and dynamism.

Evgeni’s website

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Evgeni Plushenko, ST 3  



Evgeni Plushenko, ST 3

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