Sep 212011

Emmanuel Kelly, a recent contestant on the television show The X Factor Australia this season, is a Soultype 3. Some of the places where you can easily see his ST 3 Facial Expression of Strength are at :26, :45, :49, :52, :54, 2:23, 7:01 and 7:29. This facial expression shows a smile that fills the face and includes a great deal of energy around the cheekbones, as well as bright, focused eyes.

A gift from the soul of a ST 3 is the ability to bring joy to others – to help the people they meet feel uplifted so they can shine and become all that they can be. It is a selfless, unconditional giving of joyful energy that flows through ST 3s from the source of creation to humanity.

The Movement Center for Soultype 3 is at the upper sternum (the highest point on the chest bone).

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