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By Barbara Tovey and Carol Allison

New Equations Soultype Facial Expression of Strength

Elvis Presley, Soultype 6, needs no introduction.  He revolutionized the world of music in the late fifties and early sixties, and continues to have a huge presence in the world even after his death over 30 years ago.

New Equations describes the strength and wisdom of a Soultype 6 in this way:

The face of a Soultype 6 shows a person who is keenly alert and able to meet the intensity of life with a wide open heart. The chest of a Soultype 6 is like a vibrating drum—it resonates with the intense energy of the world’s richness and beauty all of the time. This extraordinary, continuous experience of energy enables Soultype 6s to bring out truth about anything, anywhere, at any moment in time. They access truths hidden to others without the need for research or study.

Insight from a Soultype 6 helps define reality, and acts as a guide to help people find their most life-enhancing path. Soultype 6s help people feel excited by the richness of life. They use humor, art, movement, or anything else that will bring people more in touch with energy and truth.

The movement center for ST 6 is the middle of the sternum.  The chest of a ST 6 is like a drum in that enables them to feel the vibrations of the world, of the energy that everything is made up of, and they resonate with these energies. Elvis felt this vibration and expressed it through how he moved his body.  That is why his performances had so much impact:  he was physically demonstrating the alive, intense energy of what he experienced around him.

The experience of this pure, intense energy is seen in the facial expression of a ST 6.  Their eyes are keenly alert, but not penetrating – they are the eyes of someone who is aware of all the nuances of everything around them, and ready to respond to any change in the energetic environment.  Elvis has this expression on his face most of the time throughout the video clips.

He was known as “Elvis the Pelvis” for his gyrating hip movements, which were scandalous in those days.  However, when you watch the clips, see how the movement is generated from his chest, not his pelvis – the initiation of movement comes from his chest. His pelvis does not come forward and lead his movement in the way the pelvis of a soultypr 4 moves forward (the movement of a ST 4 initiates from the pelvis).

Soultype 6s feel where the energy is most alive, and they are most powerful when they follow that alive path and lead others to it.  Elvis was so successful because he was aware of where the energy of music was heading and led people to this new form in a dynamic and compelling way.

Hound Dog/Elvis Presley


October 28, 1956 – the second of his three appearances on the Ed Sullivan Show; length 2:45.

Virtually every moment of this video is a beautiful demonstration of ST 6 movement and energy – his entrance and receiving of the energy,  the explosiveness of his dancing, and electrifying aliveness throughout the performance  It is wonderful for feeling/seeing how he responds to the energy of the crowd and plays with them through his movements.  Even a simple lift of his shoulder is thrilling for his fans.  The intensity of being in the midst of so much energy is seen on his face, as well as the joy of interacting with it.  The “cutting through” movement he makes with his had as it cuts across his chest (at 2:25) is a great visual of a ST 6 experiencing the energy at chest level.

Elvis – Heartbreak Hotel


Live performance; length 2:14.

This clip is good for seeing the chest movement – at the beginning, and continuing throughout, when he punctuates the beat of his song with his chest  When he dances, notice how open and forward his chest stays, and that his arm motions are frequently at chest level and out (people often use their hands and arms to gesture at the level of their movement center.)

Elvis Presley Jailhouse Rock 1957 colour

From the movie  “Jailhouse Rock”; length 3:02.

This one has many examples of the pulsing of his chest, and leading his movement from his chest.  Sometimes the stripes on his costume make it even easier to see.  Try watching this while keeping your eyes on his chest the whole time.  (You can do that with the other videos, too.)

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New Equations Soultype Facial Expression of Strength

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