Mar 232011

Elizabeth Taylor, Soultype 2

Elizabeth Taylor, Soultype 2, passed away today. In tribute, we share a video that includes glimpses of her bringing her Soultype 2 energy to people and to the world.  It is narrated by fellow actor Paul Newman, also a Soultype 2.

The energy/movement center for Soultype 2 is the solar plexus (the soft region where your fingers sink in just below the chest bone); eyes are bright and engaging and the facial expression open.  ST 2s, when in their strength, can connect with anyone, anywhere, anytime, by being with them just as they are in that moment and finding something in common.

As beautiful as Elizabeth was, the beauty of the soul goes even deeper and shines even brighter when she connects with people.

Elizabeth Taylor Tribute by Paul Newman

Note particularly these sequences:

  • The still photos at 0:03 – 0:04 and at 0:14 – 0:17 are good examples of the ST 2 facial expression of strength.
  • The video clip from 1:03 – 1:07 shows the movement, expression and energy of ST 2.
  • In the photo at 1:56 – 1:57 she is standing with her solar plexus (the energy/movement center for ST 2) forward.
  • Between 2:18 – 2:44, As a ST 2 himself, Paul knows how to describe her in ways that have meaning to him, as well: “she is not afraid to take chances in front of people” and “she has a sense of immediacy that is irresistible on the screen.”

Enjoy this photo of Paul as well:

Paul Newman, Soultype 2


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