Dec 172009

Danny MacAskill ST 5

David Belle Soultype 7

Jyoti Raju ST 9
Jyoti Raju Soultype 9

We have featured many people of different soultypes on our Facebook page, providing short written pieces along with videos and photographs.  We’ll be collecting them in groups to post here as part of the Expression of the Soul Series.

This collection features three exceptional and unusual athletes.  Expert athletes intuitively use their movement center; as long as they move from there, they are capable of extraordinary feats.


Danny MacAskill, Soultype 5, is a 23-year-old stunt bicyclist who has become well-known through his YouTube video postings.  In these videos, watch him lead his body from his movement center at the top of his head.  The top of his head turns in the direction he wants to go and the rest of his body follows.

Danny MacAskill Inspired Bicycles April 2009

Danny MacAskill – Life in slow motion

In this slow motion clip, it is easy to see top of Danny’s head leading at 2:50 – he leads his movement by first turning the top of his head in the direction he wants to go, then his bike/body follow as he jumps off the concrete bowl. If he were a ST7  – like David Belle, featured next -  his head would be raised slightly and his forehead would lead. As a ST5 the top of Danny’s head is positioned lower.


Next is an amazing video of David Belle,  Soultype 7.  David is the founder of Parkour, also known as free running. To do the remarkable things he does, his forehead/third eye (the movement center for ST 7)  initiates and leads his movement ALL of the time. ST7s help people release ideas about physical, intellectual, and spiritual limitations. David teaches us this as he moves with power, creativity, and ease, in seemingly impossible ways.


Use this link to see the video:

Il Parkour di David Belle




Finally, we present Jyoti Raju, 22, who has acquired the nickname “Monkey King.”  Jyoti is a Soultype 9 and demonstrates his soultype’ s movement in his wall climbing. Soultype 9s access their strength when they open their arms wide side-to-side; he shows this open way of moving with his legs, as well. Unique to ST9s is a smooth and fluid way of moving that results from moving in harmony with the breath.  This is Tai Chi in action.

Read more about Jyoti at the below link; click on “more info” in the box in the top right area of the page:

Monkey King entertains visitors at a fort in Southern India

Photos of Jyoti in action

(in our Facebook page photo album)


-Written by Barbara Tovey and Carol Allison

This article is part of the “Expression of the Soul” Series and is included in our Media Library

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