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Written by Carol Allison and Barbara Tovey

Cedar Millan Soultype 6

Cesar Millan, Soultype 6, hosts The Dog Whisperer on the National Geographic Channel.    Cesar first became well-known as a guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show, when he helped Oprah solve behavior problems she was having with one of her own dogs.  Since then, his services have been much in demand and he now has his own show and website.

The energy/movement center for ST 6 is the middle of the sternum.  New Equations describes the strength and wisdom of a Soultype 6 in this way:

The face of a Soultype 6 shows a person who is keenly alert and able to meet the intensity of life with a wide open heart. The chest of a Soultype 6 is like a vibrating drum—it resonates with the intense energy of the world’s richness and beauty all of the time. This extraordinary, continuous experience of energy enables Soultype 6s to bring out truth about anything, anywhere, at any moment in time. They access truths hidden to others without the need for research or study.

Insight from a Soultype 6 helps define reality, and acts as a guide to help people find their most life-enhancing path. Soultype 6s help people feel excited by the richness of life. They use humor, art, movement, or anything else that will bring people more in touch with energy and truth.

Cesar continually talks about energy, and uses his experience of energy as the foundation for what he does: the energy of the people and dogs, and what is created between them.  Everything comes from feeling that energy, meeting it,  and finding a way to move toward harmony and peace.  He is successful because he recognizes what he is doing and uses his body to support him in sustaining an accurate experience of the energy around him: he lifts his chest and brings it forward to meet energy so he knows what to do.

As a ST 6, he experiences the energy of everything around him and the way it is in constant change.  He finds the most alive path so what he does can be positive and harmonious, and for everyone (people and dogs) to move forward together.

Although Cesar doesn’t consciously know he is a ST 6, he has intuitively found a way to bring his gift to his work.  He even teaches people how to position their body to activate that energy center; for example, he says that the walk is an important part of establishing the relationship between a dog and its owner, and counsels people on how to hold themselves properly while on the walk: Straighten your posture. Lift your shoulders high. Stick your chest forward. Project calm-assertive energy. This is what he does with his own body as a ST 6 in order to be effective.

You can watch him on television, and find many video clips from his show on YouTube or from the National Geographic video page.   Notice the way he moves and speaks: his hand gestures are from and around his chest, his arms usually bent with his elbows near his side; his chest is open and moving forward; his facial expression and eyes show alertness and tone; and his language is always about the energy he is feeling and working with.  He is demonstrating all these physical characteristics of ST 6 very clearly and consistently.

Here are a couple of video clips, with specific highlights:

Dog Whisperer: Jumping Border Collie

His gestures and movement from his chest are easy to see throughout this scene.
2:47 – 3:09  an especially great section.  The owners are trying to figure out what Cesar is doing physically, and try to mimic it.  He helps guide them, talks about “sending that energy”, shows them, and then at 3:03 demonstrates by bringing his chest towards them. This is a very powerful sequence; you may want to watch these 22 seconds again and again, to really let what Cesar is teaching all of us about ST 6 and energy sink in to your body.

Dog Whisperer: Chill Out!

Some highlights:
0:23 – 0:48  arm position and gestures from chest
3:47 – 3:50  moving forward with his chest to contain and direct the energy
3:50 -  4:00 describing and physically demonstrating that process to the owner
4:08 – 4:23  describing with words, gestures, chest movement what he does to help others see the path and move forward on it
4:14  when he says “up energy” – lifting his chest

He says at the end of this:
“That’s what I want, I want to  bring more of this ‘up’ energy, that allows you to see what you need to do. Once you know what you need to do, the only thing you need to do is do it!”

This is the gift of ST 6, and what is most fulfilling to them:  to help us see the alive path and move forward onto it without hesitation, over and over again.










This article is part of the “Expression of the Soul” Series and is included in the our Media Library

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  2 Responses to “Cesar Millan, Soultype 6: “Expressions of the Soul” Series”

  1. Thank you so much for this – this is really, really clear to me and helps me understand the soul type 6 (in me) at another level. So that’s why I’ve been fascinated with what he does :)

    Great job – Jeannie

  2. Thanks so much for this lovely article. I have always admired Cesar Milan and enjoyed watching him, now I can understand so much more about 6 and about how his work with people and dogs is so effective. Wonderful!

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