Sep 042011

Buck Brannaman, Soultype 2, is a horse trainer and leading practitioner of “natural horsemanship.” Buck, a Sundance Film documentary winner about him and his work, is currently in theaters.

Soultype 2s are born with the ability to create a connection with others through a vibration that starts at their solar plexus. This vibration makes it easy for them to sense, receive and respond to what is in front of them. Whether with people or with horses, ST 2s show us all how to do the dance of relationship! Buck says, “Everything you do with a horse is a dance.” This special ST 2 dance is why what Buck teaches applies to both people and horses.

The facial expression of strength for Soultype 2 includes bright yet neutral eyes and neutral muscle tone in the face, showing that they are open and ready for whatever comes their way without preconceived ideas.  You can see this expression on Buck’s face in the two photos we have included here.


We highly recommend the movie Buck as it is a fabulous opportunity to see a Soultype 2 in their strength — aligned with their soul and following their soul’s path.

Trailer for the documentary Buck:



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