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By Carol Allison and Barbara Tovey

Bianca Ryan, ST 8

Bianca Ryan,  Soultype 8,  was 11 years old at the time she won  “America’s Got Talent” in 2006.   As a Soultype 8,  she expresses that through her body constantly during the performances on these two clips.  Her physicality, facial expression, and impact on the judges and audience consistently demonstrate the energy of her soultype.

New Equations describes the wisdom of Soultype 8 in this way:

The watchful, outward gaze of Soultype 8s and the firm set of their jaw show you that they are your protector, and the natural protector of all life. Soultype 8s create an unwavering, nurturing safety like that of a mother for her child. Everything they see, hear, or think is experienced in their body, as though it is happening to them. This enables Soultype 8s to immediately know what is safe and what is not safe. Soultype 8s naturally communicate with animals, see their equality, and know the great value in humanity’s relationship with them. Soultype 8s can manifest any good idea, and design it so it is in harmony with nature. They model for you how to take care of your body so your soul and your body can come into alignment. In these ways they bridge the spiritual and the physical.

Soultype 8s bridge the spiritual and the physical by demonstrating the integrity of the body and the connection of the soul to every cell.  They are the natural protectors of all life, create a sense of solidity and safety, and know how to take a good idea and make it real.  The movement center for ST 8 is the base of the spine/sacrum.

Bianca stands with her feet firmly planted much of the time in the first clip, and is seated for the first half of her song in the second clip.  When she does move, she takes a few strong steps and then plants again, taking a fairly wide stance and pushing down through her legs.  She shows the ST 8 facial expression of strength almost all of the time.  Eye contact is not part of her posture of strength; you do not see her use her eyes to connect or take in information.  Many times, she gestures strongly downward and near her hips, or puts her arm out at full length as in the ST 8 posture.  Her movements overall are strong and defined, not quick and light.  When she is standing planted and singing, her sacrum moves forward and her lower body goes down even more solidly; when she is seated, she is pushing down directly through her sacrum into the floor.

First performance: “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going”

Finale Performance: I Am Changing

Watch Bianca performing many times.  Watch her feet.  Watch her sacrum.  Look at the expression on her face.  See how she gestures.  Feel the almost unbelievable power and beauty in these performances by an 11-year-old.  She creates this because she has found a way to align her body with her soul, and that is what you see being expressed in the way she moves, and on her face.  When you align your body with our soul, you are capable of strength far beyond what you have come to accept as normal.  You become extraordinary.

As a contrast, see this article on Taylor Ware, Soultype 2,  also an 11-year old singer in the same competition. You can begin to distinguish the two soultypes by feeling and comparing the energy these two young ladies generate.  Look at the way they each physically use their body, and look at the different ways the judges and audience members respond to them.  This is not just a difference in personality or style, but a fundamental difference in their physical, energetic and spiritual nature.

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Bianca Ryan, ST 8Bianca Ryan, ST 8

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