Jul 142011

New Equatons Soultype Facial Expression of StrengthBetty Ford passed away July 8, 2011.  Mrs. Ford was a Soultype 2.

One of the strengths of Soultype 2 is the ability to connect with anyone, anytime, anywhere, and to always be able to find something in common with another person.  This is one of the reasons Betty Ford was so successful with her  work in the social justice, women’s rights, and alcohol and substance abuse recovery arenas: people could feel from her that she was moving toward them in a way that made them feel connected to her, and easier to be themselves. They could feel that this woman who was First Lady of the United States was “just like them.”

Her energy and presence has had a lasting impact on so many lives.  We join the rest of the world in honoring her.



This article is part of the “Expression of the Soul” Series and is included in our Media Library.


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